Am I going about this the right way ignoring this girl?

A really close friend of mine haven't been speaking the past week.

It starts with us hooking up one night while she had a boyfriend.
After they broke up the same night. She felt guilty about and said we should just stay friends. Well I okayed it but we still hooked up everytime we met up.

Eventually we stopped talking for while per her choice.
We tried being friends afterward, it worked for a while.
But I still had strong feelings and didn't want to be just friends so I gave it all or nothing.

Didn't work we didn't speak for about a month when both got lunch at the mall we talked things out and went right back to Hooking up.
Last for about two weeks and we just suddenly stopped. And went back to being friends.

But then she literally beg me to do something with her and I said yeah. Then half the time she cancels for bs reasons.
I got fed up the last time she did because she cancels and tries to flip it around like I didn't want to go with her in the first place.
So now I just gave up and started ignoring her few attempts to contact me through text or at the mall where we work.

She storms by when she sees me. We don't make eye contact at all anymore.

Am I being childish? I feel like this is what I should be doing cause all she did the past month was pick fights, cancel on plans, and just flat out act weird around me. And got extremely upset when I didn't respond to her text. But yet the moment I did I got no response for days? I'm just tired of games which I think she and I are playing.


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  • You have the right to be fed up. She sounds really confused as to what she wants, and you shouldn’t have to get the backend of it. The next time she’s crying about hooking up, I’d be honest and tell her that this pattern of back and forth isn’t working for you. She doesn’t have to like your choice but she needs to respect it and leave you alone.

    • thanks for the response! I'll think I'll just leave her alone this time for good. Everytime we try talk. She says she fix this and that, but nothing changes. It'll still be the same thing over and over. So I'd rather not lose a close friend but I think it's for the best!

  • You two were the ones fooling around for sex. So I don't see why you have to care about whether you two are playing games or not? It's clear both of you don't want anything to do with each other anymore, so leave it alone. You both have serious issues.


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