Why did my ex get jealous over something I did? Why does he care?

He dumped me. Messaged me, really mad, telling me not to do something again. He calmed down after I told him I only did it once. He then told me not to do it again two more times. After the first, in the span of days. Why does he still care?


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  • What did you do? Forget to get more toilet paper? Leave the cap off of the toothpaste? Have sex with another guy?


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  • He has issues and this is really unhealthy. Been in a relationship where my ex would dump me just because I typed "lol" on all chat in game. He then came back to me in five minutes apologizing and saying he wants me back lol.

    Tell your ex that you want him to focus on himself and to stop that unhealthy habit of dumping you then wanting you back. If he does it once he will do it again


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