Is my ex interested in me again?

This past weekend I was in my exes city for work (we were long distance) and he put me up (my original accommodations fell through and when I asked if he had any friends I could stay with, he offered his own place instead)
I came into the weekend thinking I would do my own thing and he would do his. I was still under the impression that he was dating someone, and I wanted to be respectful of that. Plus, I didn’t want to give myself any unnecessary pain, as I know I have lingering feelings towards him.
He ended up wanting to spend a lot of time with me, which was honestly really nice to hang out just as friends. There was never any talk about his current girlfriend and I was honestly starting to wonder if he’s even dating her anymore.
Is there any chance he’s interested in me again? He said he had fun and to let him know the next time I’m passing through and that I’m welcome to stay at his place anytime. For reference, he was the one who ended things with me last winter but wanted to remain friends.


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  • He probably still cares for you. Ex's will always have feelings for ex's. I'm glad he was respectful and didn't try anything sexual. Maybe he feels bad for breaking up with you and wanted to make it up to you by having you stay at his place.

    • Thank you for your comment. I think he cares, I’m just wondering if he might care in a more romantic way again. Who knows...

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      I honestly think he was just trying to be respectful of me by not mentioning her. He knew I was assuming they were still together, as when I brought her up a week before going there he didn’t correct me and say that they weren’t dating anymore. I was just hoping maybe they weren’t... sigh. Thank you again for your kind words! I’m sure I will still torture myself for a little while longer with contacting him until I get real upset lol oh boy, never learn!

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      True you could be right he probably was trying to be respectful. Lol your very welcome. You don't have to torture yourself. Their is plenty of guy's out their that probably would date you. You seem very cool. You just would have to weeed out all the bad apples. Dating is never easy and is a lot of work. But never give up hope. Their is a good guy waiting for you somewhere out their. I think eventually you will fully heal over the ex. It takes time.

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