Is she a narcissist, a sociopath, a psycho or just bored?

Ex girlfriend and I were together on and off for four years in what was (I see now) a tumultuous, toxic relationship. We broke for good in early 2016. She has since caused a certain amount of trouble and irritation in my life. False accusations, character assassination, etc. The previous attempts I've made at dating, she destroyed immediately by contacting the female I was trying to date and causing drama. Fast forward to early this year. I met a woman with whom I connect on a level I've never experienced. We became fast, solid friends. Our friendship grew into a relationship, slowly. Now that she and I are officially a couple and extremely happy together, the ex has resurfaced again. Blocked on social media, she texted me a passive aggressive message about how she must have meant so little to me. I didn't respond, blocked and deleted her number. She messaged a mutual friend of my girlfriend and said horrible things about me in the hopes he would repeat to my girlfriend, which he did. Fortunately, my girlfriend saw what she sent me as well, so could see for herself the difference in the message to me and the one to her friend, so we decided it's done, she's blocked, end of story. Two days ago, I received a text from one of her kid's numbers. I knew immediately it was bait, so I blocked and deleted that as well. What else can I do. Supposedly she is in a relationship for a year with someone else. Why is she so intent on trying to destroy any happiness I have? Will she ever tire of these narcissistic games?


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  • She sounds like a crazy person!


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