Please help me make sense of this breakup?

me and my ex dated for 1.6 years. 1 year long distance and 6 months together. I moved to his city i had a vacation house there. he broke up with me on a Thursday, then took me to lunch, and when we got home (we lived together in my house there) he asked me if i wanted to see a movie. i asked him what the f*** was he thinking and if he was sure he wanted to break up. he agreed to think over the weekend and we agreed not to talk during it. Sunday night he sends me cute texts, but always asking me where i went out, with whom, until what hours. then on Monday, he broke up with me and i immediately returned to my hometown, despite him asking me why i wouldn't stay there. I had no friends of my own there, and he lives in a small town, so it wasn't good for me to be there, the whole city reminded me of him (i think he was very confused about being with me or not). right after the break up he liked every single status on my facebook and pics on instagram, he even put up a photo and a memory of us. after a week (on a thursday) he sent me a text saying that he wanted to send me videos and photos and calling me by our cute name and mentioning our special day. after two hours (i didn't reply) he sent me another text, and after two hours another saying "you must be busy, thats okay, i understand, i will send you the pictures anyway". and he sent me the pictures on wetransfer. i didn't download it and on Sunday he sent me a text "i can't believe you didn't even download the pictures". The next day he proceeds to call me 3 times, and send me two texts, "baby tell me anything please" and then "i think i dont deserve the way you're treating me, i feel so bad". i called him after three hours and said that his behaviour was not normal, and that we needed time to heal and move on". he sounded really bummered and said "okay i won't text you again" i was so shocked by his behaviour that i was cold when i was saying that. and now i regret it. was he trying to get back together and i ruined it?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He regrets the breakup i assume, but his behavior is not normal

    • if he was regretting it, why didn't he say so? his behavior was very strange..

    • I agree his behavior is beyond just strange

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  • He seems abit prosessive.

    • He was a bit controlling and possessive. when i told him i didn't want to be his friend during the breakup he was really angry. i would understand his behaviour if i was the one who dumped him but in this case im really confused. never went through something like this...

    • It is very odd... I personally would stay away, but he (I think?) regrets breaking up with you, but the way he's acting is very odd and controlling. It seems like he's got the message, has he contacted you again since the last message he sent you, saying he understood and wouldn't text you again?

    • No, no contact. Just some likes on instagram and watches my stories...

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