Ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend, they live together in a different state. He says he still loves me.

ex-boyfriend/high school sweetheart claims he still loves me even though he now has a girlfriend for 2 years now. they live together in a different state and I only get to talk to him when she is out of town. we broke up it was 3 months after he moved to said state with his family. we were each others first so we were really attached. now when we talk its like he never left, we still have that whole puppy love thing going even after 2 years of not talking. he says he still loves me and is willing to leave his girl come over here to my state and take me back to his state to live together and eventually marry. don't get me wrong I have feelings for him still and I would love to see him again but for him to have a girl and tell me he loves me and will come and see me even if I choose not to move in with him is insane. oh and did I mention he even said he listens to our song when upset, that he can't have sex with the girl without thinking of me, or that he truly regrets leaving and wants me back?!? its madness.

i don't know if I should believe him. I mean it would be great to see him and I do have feelings for him (you can say I'm in love) but I don't know if I'm capable to leave everything I have for him. I really miss him and can't wait to talk to him again but he has a girlfriend.

question is should I continue having feelings for him and move in with him down the line? or should I not talk to him anymore and let him be? or be the dirty mistress that he claims he loves?

i don't know if I can take him seriously I miss him but this is outrageous =/

i haven't had a serious relationship since he left. I've tried and failed many times but they all end without even passing the 6 month mark. he will forever be apart of because he was my first but that doesn't mean I'll end up living with him does it?


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  • Time to move on. It can't possibly end well given the current situation. For you to give up what you have for the mere possibility that something might work out if the sun, stars and moon all align in the right way is not smart. And I bet you know it.


What Girls Said 1

  • My situation is sort of the same...

    and to be honeset, I know the answer is "let it go"...but even I haven't yet.

    But this is the answer, even though if you feel he is your true love...the one you can't let go...

    you have to try :(


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