Why did he breakup with me?

I had an on-and-off relationship lasting for a month and a half. I'm 18 and the guy's 19. Overall, it seemed to be going perfectly fine and I can't think of a single thing I did wrong except that we probably rushed in the beginning. He set the pace and I just went along with it. One day, he would be perfectly happy and then the next day, he would tell me "I like you, but I don't love you. We don't know what love is." and all this bullshit. He seemed to question everything one day but then be completely smitten with me the next--telling me "I love you. I really care about you and you should tell me if you need anything." Right now, I realize I should have left him the moment he started questioning.

The breakup went down like this: He was very agitated and said "I want to be alone. I'm not sure if I like you in that way." and then when I started to leave, he said "I'm not closing any doors but I can't promise anything."
Then, I texted him afterward saying "I'm sorry if the relationship caused you stress. I'll leave you alone now." And then he says "I don't want you to leave me alone. I'm just so overwhelmed with my life that I can't handle a relationship... it's not your fault." Now, he has me blocked on all social media.

My friends keep telling me it's not my fault because he has issues and didn't know what he wanted, but I don't really know if his issues are the reason why he broke up with me. If he really liked me, wouldn't he stay regardless?

I'm getting better now, but I sometimes can't get my choices out of my head. I can't help thinking that I did something wrong. The relationship seemed toxic with all his mood swings and I'm probably better off without him, but I can't help but wonder "Am I really girlfriend material?"


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  • He doesn't know what he wants. This not you at all, it's all him. Let him go. He needs to grow up and take responsibility.

  • Prob went into the honeymoon phase and then got bored and left

  • he must be got bored of you and he got someone new so...


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