Did he love her?

My friend got engaged and wanted her male best friend of 4 years to be in the wedding. The friend ended up leaving the reception early and wouldn't speak to her for weeks. When he finally did, he told her "we can be friends anymore. You're married"... did he love her?


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  • Ah the old “my friend” routine eh... haha!!! Well seeing as how he reacted in a way of that if a hurt person who feels as if all hope is lost... i’d Say yeah he was holding onto some feelings. Love is unclear, but I’m sure it’s either these two scenario.

    1. He doesn’t approve of the guy she married, in general. As in the guy is a douche.

    2. He did care for her in romantic ways and feels he lost his chance now that she’s married. And is trying to be noble and back out the friendship now that she is hitched lol.

    • Lol actually, it was my friend. She brought it up while ordering more wedding pics for their anniversary.

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    • Why does she refuse to believe it? Is it because he stayed quiet for four years? She should look at what he said and his actions.

      They speak louder than words haha.

    • No clue. She just keeps saying there's no way.

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  • Yeahh, from the information you said that's the only conclusion I can get, but who knows maybe there was fight a between the best friends or make best friend and husband. It could also be the way you formatted the events, maybe he left for something normal like having errands/work the next day of the reception, or maybe he couldn't sleep and just wanted to get home and knock out. Unless you pick his brain there's no way of knowing the exact truth.


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  • Definitely loved her


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  • He probably did like her yeah.


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