Does it sound like he will reconsider? I am very confused?

So for weeks I have been dating a very nice, caring, attractive man with all of the qualities that I seek in a partner. We clicked so well at the beginning, and things have been going very well. (At least I thought so)

He recently started opening up to me about the difficulties he feels in regards to where his life is at now. He recently got out of 3 year relationship, as well as got promoted in his job, which is quite hectic. The other night he was texting me long messages about some difficulties going on with his family too, and I could tell his mood was down. I thought he was very happy with his life, but ever since last week he has seemed a little down.

Last night he sent me a long message again talking about all of the difficulties he was facing, and then said that he shouldn't see me anymore, and that he needs to take a break from dating altogether. I asked him to honestly answer if it was because of me, but he said it had nothing to do with me at all said that he was very attracted to me and admired, and he listed all of the positive qualities he sees in me and said that I did nothing to precipitate this.

I sent a few sweet and gentle messages saying that if it wasn't because of me that there's no reason for us to stop seeing each other, and that we could just continue to take things slow. I told him I understood if he needed time and space to himself, and that I didn't want to add to the stress in his life. I lastly said that I wish he would give this another chance, that I have really enjoyed getting to know him and our conversations, and good night, and he replied "Okay. I appreciate it. Lots on my mind these days. Please have a good night and sleep well *sleeping emoji*"

I'm confused.. he hasn't given me a final answer to the messages that I sent, and the last message does not sound like he is completely terminating the relationship. If he was then I don't see why he wouldn't either bluntly say its over or not respond at all.


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  • He really likes you, but he has a lot on his plate.


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