I caught him cheating now he needs time away?

So, in my previous post i said my boyfriend cheated on me, we said we'd work through it cause he stopped. then i went through his phone and found out he lied. Everyone can tell me to dump him and what not, but that's not helpful to me.

I've been with him through so much. He always came back to me it seemed.

I called his phone off my sisters friends phone because he wouldn't answer mine. Ironicly, she had the same area code as the girl he was cheating on me with and i deleted her number out of his phone.

He answered and i told him "It's me. No one knows whats going on and im using my sisters friends phone. I'll delete your number afterwards" He was quiet and then i asked him if we were over or not. he waited a few seconds, hung up and texted me saying "can u give me some time away?"

What does that mean? How long? I told him if we are over he needs to come get his stuff, but he won't make it easy on me. I'm the one that's been hurt, not him.


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  • If it wasn’t clear before that your relationship is over, it is now. He’s taking the cowards way out: string you along so you think there’s hope of a future together while he continues doing things outside of your relationship.


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  • He needs time away? He's acting like he's the victim in this. God what a piece of shit.


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