I swear why do I keep thinking of him?

We broke up like 5 months now! I hate thinking about him...


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  • Are you regretting your reason for breaking up with him? This is the only reason why I can think this would be happening

    • Yes I do regret it! A lot actually

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    • It's not weak to be crying about the breakup. In fact I feel that it is very healthy to cry about such matters. It just goes to show that you still have strong feelings towards this guy and that you are still trying to figure out how you feel about the whole thing

    • Yeah that is right!

Most Helpful Girl

  • You'll get over him with time. Yes sounds so long and cliché but its true. Try to improve your personal life, build up your character and start something new! Bring positive change in 😊 things will get better, don't give up


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