Is this normal?

It feels like it's exactly like in the movies and I know we shouldn't feel the same way... but somehow it still happens...
My parents broke up about 8 years now?
I feel okay with it now, even though I wasn't a big fan of my Dad because he use to yell and get angry very easily. Lots of mixed emotions happened when it first started but, I miss my Dad's funny stories he use to tell us. Once, he told us-a classroom hanging out a the outside of the High School building after doing an outdoor project. A classmate told me he could of been a great comedian. Thing is... when I told my Dad that after school, he said he would be horrible doing that. -facepalm- I knew he had depression but, look at Robi Williams! Even though he was depressed, he still became a comedian. Mayb Dad said so because of his own anger issues as well?
I don't know but... there was a reason for the break up. (Not because of the depression... there were othr readons but, lets not get there... thre's a limit of text to write on this site so... I can't go further...^^')
After the beak up, 2-3 years later, my Mom married a new guy who feels A LOT more worse than Dad! Not abusive but, he says do many triggering and offensive things. Plus, he keeps making up new rules that we never grew up with. This guy also swears a lot even though he told me, "I only swear when I'm upset." Does this mean he's also always grumpy?
What makes matters worse: we all grew up in a family was strictly not allowed to swear. My Mom is trying to get him to stop and for her, he is trying. Thing is... if swearing is a habit well... it's going to take forever... u_u;
I'm a soft person who gets scared of anger and swears so, I'm scared of my Mom's new husband.
Heck, I'm 25 and still... ridiculous, right?
The way this new "Dad" makes me feel I should disrespect him but, I'm usually the nice and calming person who respects eveyone. It hurts when I make others give negative emotions. I want to respect him but... you know where I'm getting?


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  • Accept them as they are. It will be hard to change them. And at 25 u shouldn't be scared of other males. Specially in ur house. U can't respect everyone but at least maintain a distant if u don't like them much. And u don't have to respect everybody. U need to observe and accept the people as they are. At least now u miss ur dad sometimes which is good. U can spend sometime with him too (not knowing what's he doing in his life), if he's still single, he would love to see u from time to time. Ur his real son. Think about how u can help him in his depression. He might never ask it from you. But he will need somebody too by his side. Won't he? Put ur self in his place. Think of it. U have a lot of things ahead of you. So don't waste time in swearing or not swearing things a lot. There r going to bigger things then this in ur life. So don't give importance to small things. People with temperament are not always the bad people. They r just people.

    • I grew up not trusting many people (especially guys since they are annoying, long story short... and too aggressive, not much of the same interest as I do, lots of back stabbing guys where I live and growing up, only the females treated me kindly... you won't believe it lol!) But I still respect them all still and I do have some male friends too, so Im not scared of them all.
      My Dad on the other hand, he lives far away now. ^^;
      My siblings also dont like the new father also... some hate him more than the others... so... I don't know how to feel...

    • OH! Also, I jump/get startled pretty easily. So some thing that guys do, I won't like lol. Loud noises are annoying.. especially since Im usually always feel rested. ><
      Also... the new father has a very loud/booming voice and even pulled my youngest brothers collar of his shirt-swearing once when he just simply forgot to bring the wireless phone back upstairs. He swore so much and treated us harshly (most of the time its verbal) I just dont want to go near him... my sister who moved away, moved away with the grude towards him a well. I feel that we should all not hate him but, it's so hard! ><

    • Thank u

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