I'm in love with a man who lies half way across the world. Should I move on? Or go for it? Any advice?

We meant two years ago on a website and we've talked every since and I've fallen in love with him. He returns the feelings but, he lives half way across the world.



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  • Go with your heart. I'm going through this too - LDR. It is so hard. no one understands how hard it is. coming from my own experience, if you believe that this is fate, hang out for a little bit longer. that's what I'm doing - I'm waiting to find out if he is my destiny or not.

    if he's not, I'll have to move on. we all do.

    go with your instincts.


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  • The way people are online rarely reflects how they are in real life.

    Unless you have some reason other than to meet him to be out near him, just be pen pals, maybe something will pop up in the future.

  • Well, it's either you move there, or he moves here.

    The relationship will not advance if either does not occur.

    It's up to you to decide what to do.


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