Texting my ex boyfriend please help me?

So I'm not trying to make this another I miss my ex sappy post. But I do wish he was still in my life in some capacity.
He's the one that got away!! Background: he's 23/ I'm 22. We met in summer 2015 and hit it off right away. The more we talked the more we had in common. Only issue he went to school 1.5 hours away from our home town. We dated that summer and saw eachother 2x a week it was good. I met his family and loved them he met my family and loved them. I met a few of his close friends same with mine. Everything was perfect it honestly felt like I knew him my whole life so many weird concidences and similarities between us. Fast forward to September he moved to college and we embarked on long distance ( which he begged for us to give a shot because I wasn't on board because of a past relationship). I was hesitant but agreed. It was all fine until late November/ December he disappeared for 3 weeks. I thought at Christmas we were done. He came home and things were our relationship as usual and he apologized he just got into a school funk with stress and wasn't talking to anyone not even his family. We continued dating and he put a lot of effort in January/February then march trouble struck he disappeared again this time for 6 weeks. Finally he texted me on the day 11 months ago we made it official and said it wasn't working he didn't feel anything and we should take time for ourselves and see other people. I was deviststed.
I let. him know I thought it was cowardly hing to do that. He deleted me off of Facebook but still has the photos of us. And now it has been 6 months since the breakup and we haven't spoken a word to eachother. He moved back to our hometown in this time frame and I'm always anxious I'll run into him in public (our lives intersect in many ways, and he lives less than 10 minutes away). I was thinking about messaging him just saying something like " Hey, I've been thinking about you. How have you been?". Yay or nay?


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  • Do it!, you never know he could be wanting to send the same message. But you should also prepare yourself that he may not message back or may not be too keen to hear from you but you should follow your heart 😊

    • I realize he may not message back. I honestly just don't want to spend my life wondering what could have been. Or going out of my house semi anxious I may run into him or his family :$ and I feel like at least then I'll know my answer.

    • That’s true but all I can say is you should do it, it’s only going to go one of 2 ways lol hopefully it goes well for you

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