He hasn't texted me back, and he's on vacation right now. Help? What does this guy mean?

I've liked my friend for a while, and I texted him two days ago and told him how I felt. He texted back and said "Thanks for telling me, I had to think about it ha ha". What does this mean? He hasn't texted me back, and he's on vacation right now. Help? Thanks!


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  • He doesn't share your feelings, firstly the thanks for telling me is way too polite if he liked you, secondly, there's nothing to think about if he likes you apart from if I took this further would it ruin our friendship, but the ha ha at the end means its nothing to do with ruining the friendship, he didn't contact you sooner because he didn't know how to respond

  • He doesn't like you. One, he told you he had to think about it. If he liked you then he wouldn't have to think about it, he would tell you how he felt back and possibly asked you out. Another thing is the "haha" at the end, he's making it into a joke and/or signifying that he is uncomfortable and is trying to make the mood light.

    • Or maybe he's just shy and has to think about it!

    • She told us that they have been friends for a while, he should know if he likes her or not. What is there to be shy about after your friend confesses to you and you're texting them?

    • He's not really a shy guy, but he definitely is around girls.

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