About to breakup?

I asked my girlf to stop annoying me by constantly talking about this girl i used to see. And she flipped her shit and ranted about all the things she finds annoying about me and threw my words back in my face. And she's saying that we r in a toxic relationship. And that we are not good for each other. Are we like gonna break up?
And is this a stupid overreaction if so any tips?


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  • Well just because you had one argument doesn't mean your going to break up. Just let her cool down and see what she wants to do

    • Should i ask if she's on her period. I heard this can affect her state of mind

    • Only if you want her to flip out more. As that is guys go to to blame for behavior. Maybe she just wanted to get across that your complaining she's annoying but you annoy her too. That's life

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