Is my ex trying to me jealous?

I know some people don't do this zodiac signs but i do so I'm Aquarius and my ex is a Scorpio i dated him for 3 years now he with this girl for 7 months so today i talked to him and see why he hates me so bad he keep talking about his girlfriend how their relationship is good she pregnant and alsp he brought up her birthday to me and if she was pregnant her belly would be big by now but I don't know bc she got pregnant since September and her belly not big


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  • first off why are you contacting him after 7 months, let him live his life. He's not trying to make you jealous, he is telling you to move on. 2 months pregnant is barely any belly showing. little to nothing.

    • Well ik she not pregnant bc i had a dream about them having a baby like in their 30s not now and his girl text me and went to far and then he be stalking me thats why i texted him

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    • wait wait wait, you had a dream and that's what you base that on? are you smoking the ish? All I'm going to tell you, is walk away. Ignore them. Live your life and don't base anything on dreams. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds.

    • True fact thank u and yea

  • Is he trying to make you jealous by getting another woman pregnant?


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