IS SHE CHEATING? girls only please?

ok soo a few months ago i found out my partner was sending dirty pics to guys online (all from the other side of the world, not local) i flipped, i was heartbroken not so much by what she did but the lies mutipul times i asked her when i suspected somthing... anyway i found the truth for myself... we talked it through and agreed to move on.

now last week i found out she perchased a 2nd phone and is at it again, i was ready to walk out leaving an 11 year relationship behind.

Now she claimed she felt depressed, just wanted attention but never had any intention of taking it further.

do any of you girls relate to this... or am i being played..


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  • Sure, she may be depressed but she’s betrayed your trust twice now instead of opening up and asking for help or seeking a professional for her mental health.
    Only you can choose what to do with that, but she has actively and willingly attempted to go behind your back and cultivate a connection with someone else

    • last thing i want to do is throw it away, i do love her... but the trust is gone :(

      and i know if i never had caught her she would still be doing it.

      she said "its no different from porn"... but dear... no-one buys a burner phone to watch porn do they lol.

      thank you for your reply

    • Hasn’t she already thrown it away by doing this? If she really believed it was the same as porn she wouldn’t have hid it from you, and she wouldn’t have then lied and gone behind your back to continue. Her actions show she knew it was wrong, and she isn’t willing to own that mistake/choice
      All the best with it 😊

    • Thank you x

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  • It’s time to move on find someone else. Once trust is broken it can never be as before no matter what you’ll just end up more messed up if she does this again. I know this is hard but ask yourself what’ll you choose getting hurt by leaving her moving on or sticking with her and getting hurt again and again. Wish you good luck


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  • It is a very good possibility that there isn't anything actually going on anf she's just seeking attention. But the fact is she's in a long term committed relationship and shouldn't be doing it.

    Switch it around on, her. Ask her how shed feel if you started sexting other girls, and sending/receiving pics. Also ask her why it is she's depressed? Is she just feeling like you dont spend enough time together? Is she still working?

  • Yes she is cheating and using depression as a poor excuse to do so. She only got caught that is why she is telling you things you want to hear that she won't do it again... Time together is no excuse either for you to stay if you are being played for a fool.

  • Ask her what she needs, work on it if you want to save your relationship. Its true that a woman starts cheating (and sending pics is an emotional cheating) only when she is emotionally dissatisfied with her relationship. She must be feeling you dont adore her body the way she would want. If you improve and she doesn't change, dont waste your time.

  • You're definitely being played and deserve much more than that


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