18 and never had a boyfriend?

I am currently in year 12 and it seems that every guy is not interested in me. I think maybe it is the fact that I am a twin and they don't know what to do (maybe). Also I am very shy at school, but when I am outside of school and with my friends I am crazy. I also have never really intended on dating in school, but looking at my age and other people around me, it is embarrassing. I don't want to finish school and have a guy interested in me and then get spooked because I haven't actually dated anyone. Its hard for me to talk to guys because I am so shy and self- conscience.

I really need advice in what to do and get guys to approach me and for me to stop being so shy.

Thank you


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  • I think maybe its because your looking for the right guy... and not something that won't last... it doesn't make you a loser or anything like that.. but more valuable.. because you don't also have the baggage of ex's


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