What does he mean by “that’s crossing the line” when I did something?

Backstory - ex who dumped me texted me “don’t talk to my friends again bitch.” He’s never called me names. And “I know you messaged (his friend)” I said “I messaged him ONE TIME. it was A WHILE AGO” ex blocked me then. Apologized later. I think he was jealous. We exchange a few words later, he says “don’t message my friends *thats crossing the line*” what does he mean by that’s crossing the line?


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  • He thinks that this friend is "his territory" so you crossed a frontier?

    Sounds stupid to me though, stop apologising to him, he doesn't own his friends, you a drink them do whatever you want

  • He's afraid you're using his mate to get back at him. In a sense he's protecting himself by cockblocking his friend.

  • Means in his opinion you were wrong to contact his friends, fuck him, he's no longer your boyfriend, contact whoever you want.

    • He means he was jealous?

    • Not necessarily, he may have been pissed off because his friends told him that you contacted them and he doesn't want to hear about you anymore.

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