What would you do if?

If y'all are arguing and he tells you to shut up, but if you didn't talk to him and he stays mad at you should you get over it?


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  • If my boyfriend were to tell me to 'shut up' at any point.. I'm out. I refuse to be with someone who resort to immature/aggressive phrases like that and hopes to accomplish a resolution of some sort through such means.


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  • If you're arguing and he tells you to shut up, he's a bit of a douche and if you are quiet and you're upset about something and instead of trying to deal with it he tells you to get over it, again, he's a bit of a douchebag.

  • i'm kind of confused at you quesion.

    who is "y'all" me and my partner?
    if we'd be arguing and she tells me to "shut up" so then i do and yet she stays mad with me, could i get over her being mad?

    If we were arguing, she would not tell me to shut up, we would remain civil enough to have a discussion, even though we might be on opposing sides.

    she gets to make her point, i make mine, if she keeps disagreeing with my point and vice versa, so be it.
    if she stays angry with me, that will affect her mostly, i'll go home, sleep like a baby and wake up the next day continuing day to day life.

    • What im trying to say is, me and my boyfriend got in an argument and i kept telling him we are arguing over stupid stuff and he tells me to shut up or i dont know how to be quiet and so i kinda push his leg over to get up and tell him to "play on his damn phone that i didn't care".. And 5 minutes later he says he is sorry and loves on me but should i stay mad about it or just let it go and forget about it? This happens every once in a while and i know its not that deep but he gets irritated easily and it freaks me out a little.

    • i understand.
      small fights happen between couples all the time, him losing his cool over small things, thats worrying.
      now remaining mad over litlle things, is only going to make the big arguments so much worse.

      learn to let go of small things, take one on the chin and move on, chances are he'll appoligize after the fact.

      however him becoming iritated quickly could prove an issue for future more meaningfull discussions.
      any real aggression comming from him and a discussion he has?

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  • That happened with a guy that I️ had been dating once. We were more bantering than arguing, but he told me to stop talking at one point, so I️ didn’t speak to him for the rest of the drive. He was then furious because I️ wasn’t saying anything. We broke up shortly after because he would get annoyed over everything.

  • Cuss him up and down and tell him to not tell me what to do

    • cursing won't serve any purpose, if anything it will only exacerbate the situation.

    • Oh right, physically fight him then

    • yes because that will lead to a amicable solution.

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