Ex is hot and cold with me. Why?

Last week, my ex was extremely friendly with me. Teasing and even having small talk. She was quite playfull actually.

Then this past week, she starts to ignore me. like wtf?

im so confused. what's the deal?


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  • She wants you back.


What Guys Said 1

  • She's a little crazy and might be trying to play with your emotions. Or maybe she wants you back, but wants you to do the chasing, so she did a little teasing and is now waiting for you to come after her. If you want to get with her, give in a little bit (not a lot, just a little) and tease back. if she doesn't give in, then give up, turn around, and don't deal with ehr anymore.

    • I did tease her. I mirror her emotions. When she teases me, i'll tease her back. When she ignores, i kinda do the same. Don't know if that is good or not

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