How do you make yourself fine when seeing your love happily loving someone else?

Here's the situation, we've been in a secret relationship but for some reason we decided to break up even we still love each other. He then find someone else to forget about me. Now I'm so messed up seeing him happy with someone else. We are on the same town and we got the same group of friends so I can't prevent seeing him. I feel hell everytime I see him happy and in love with his new. What should I do to control this feelings? I really want to move on.


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  • I'm so sorry to hear that, its tough really. I've been there, exactly as you are, wasn't fun. I had to stop seeing my friends in case of bumping into her and such.

    It's gonna sound cheesy but time helps. I'm sure you have friends that you have that are not mutually friends with him. Try hanging out with them more or making new friends or getting closer to acquaintances. Anything that will help keep your days busy.

    Social media shut outs help, being remind or seeing his activities will hurt, no matter what they are. You could get into gaming, reading or binge watching shoes. Get or start something you've always wanted to try but never had the time for. You're gonna think about him a lot because he was important to you but remind yourself to be happier and better for someone new. There are always lots of fish in the sea. Believe me, it's not over.

    It's gonna be hard, but you're gonna move on as did I. I wish all the best for you!


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  • I don't know... the fact that he is happy makes me calm and I feel myself smiling.


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