I know girls do this what about guys?

What does it mean why a guy knows a girl has a boyfriend and he cheats with the girl because she is mad at her boyfriend?

Why would I guy know that she has man and still cheat with her?

What is the guy called and why would he do that?


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  • All I can say is if I ever caught some guy screwing with my girlfriend it would be the last time he ever got laid. Literally. Her too.

    • LOL...That is what I am saying! either way whomever is responsible, no one want it done to them? so both are in the wrong if both parties know!

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  • Her relationship is her responsibility, not his. She is the one cheating on her boyfriend, he is not.

    What about this do you not understand?

    • First off!

      I doesn't matter who is cheating. The guy knows she is in a relationship and she knows too. Both parties are wrong.

      Can you understand that!?

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    • Let me just say this. Would you want your girlfriend of 2years that you are so in love with and you are even thinking about marrying her. Go off with some guy who know about YOU/FRIEND or not. And they just screw around with each other.

      But you are happy and she is not.

      What do you think now?

      Its some lack of self respect somewhere! RIGHT?

    • Of course I wouldn't like that, although I'd be happy at least she cheated on me before I got married. The guy who f***ed her did me a favor, I could have lost half of my stuff to that bitch :p

  • first of all the guy isn't cheating, the girl is. Most girls have boyfriends and a lot of girls get boyfriends just for the sake of having one and are too scared to break it off. If guys sat around waiting until the girl would be 100% avaliable, they wouldn't get laid a lot. If the girl trully loves her boyfriend then she won't cheat on him

    • So guys do it to get laid?

      but when girls do it they are a whore/slut? or has low self-esteem?

    • Girls do it to get laid too, as well as for the attention. In the poster's example the girl is mad at her boyfriend so she probably isn't getting anything from him, sex or otherwise - so she goes elsewhere.

    • I don't call girls sluts, maybe some people do and they are mostly women by the way, but just as many guys get called player, the difference is that guys don't give a sh*t while girls do, I have no control over how a girl feels when someone accuses her of having too much pleasure with another person

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