How often do women have a 'back-up' man when they break up?

I just realized, my friend might be a complete and utter jerk. I'm close friends with a 26 year old woman. She had been dating a dude since they were 21 that I was friendly with. Anyways they broke up around 10 months ago (in person). The cover story was that she didn't love him anymore. One main reason she stated was that she felt like she was mothering him. In reality though she cheated on him with another best male friend only slightly before this and she developed feelings for him. She even admitted to me that if this other dude did not come along she would have stayed with her original boyfriend, as in there was nothing truly wrong with the relationship. Immediately after they started dating in secret. She told her family 8 months later and came out officially on Facebook only a month ago. The only reason I know all of this was because she was a shoulder to cry on when I had my own issues at the time. However, having just gone through a sudden breakup of my own and with an objective lense on the situation... I just realized how shitty that whole thing she did to her ex was. She cheated on him, never told him there was someone else, and to avoid facing ridicule and heat from friends and family she kept her relationship to the new guy a secret. As far as most people know this relationship with the new guy is new... It's not... I'm not sure I want to be friends with her anymore...


How often do women have another man in the works when they dump? Is it a minority? I certainly fucking hope so.


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  • I never ever do. After a break up, I take time out for myself to be with me, and me only. I can't say I know any girl that does have a back up either.

    • I know it does happen sometimes. Especially people who springboard into new relationships right after a breakup. Usually they were already talking to them. Just wanna get a consensus.

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