He didn't give me closure, and I don't know what we are?

does that mean he's still interested or is he just a guy who doesn't care ?

I met him in April and since we have kinda been dating..we talked a lot and we got to know each other very well and he does like me cause he always asked me out but in July he suddenly decided to join the army for a year more like a boot camp and he left this Tuesday without saying bye or anything...he ditched our date 2 times and I'm hurt and I miss him because he won't be able to talk to me as much as he used to..even though he is 1.5 hour away from the city ...not like he can come by anytime..but he hasn't tried to talk to me since he left...and he didn't give me any closure..and a week before he left he asked if he could stay over at my house but I said no...i mean that has to mean he likes me ...so I don't know what we are...should I wait for him or move on ? I miss him so much..but I don't want to seem needy and call him and text him all the time...

so does he care about me ?

why hasn't he given me closure ? :(


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  • sometime we never get closure from relationship, and other times we do. If he at boot camp then he can use his cell phone.

    A lot of times guys don't always have the words to say it when they are meant to be said but if his heart in the right play his action will show you when he is ready to be with you. So move on is my option but don';t be too mean if he comes back asking to be with you. and next time. be frank with him when he starts his games.


What Girls Said 1

  • Have you tried talking to him? Do it in a way that won't sound nagging or whiny, but on a lighter, more cheery side. "Hi! I haven't heard from you in a while and I wanted to make sure you're okay. What's up?"

    Did he ditch your 2 dates before or after you wouldn't let him stay over? If they were after, I'd be concerned about what his real intentions in seeing you were and, sadly, they might not have been for the best of reasons. If this is the case, I would most definitely move on and find a real man that actually loves you and doesn't want to just get into your pants. If he's this kind of person, who wants him anyway?

    If he ditched your 2 dates before and didn't give you a good reason for it, then maybe he decided he didn't want to hurt you... the army is tough and takes a lot of time during boot camp. After that, he might be sent off.

    The only true way to know is to ask him. Don't ask him if he likes/loves you.. don't pressure or push him- in my experience that always turns bad for you. If he doesn't respond to you asking how he's doing, then there's your answer and move on. If he responds, keep the conversation light and cheerful. Don't constantly text or call him.. let him call you after that one try. If he doesn't call you, then no harm done and start dating other guys. You'll get over him and find someone that wants your attention. :)

    Good luck! <3


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