My ex girlfriend teases me then goes cold? what do I do?

So last week, she was friendly and teasing me. Even making small talk. Talks about my muscle building competition. In return, I teased her not to attend because I don't want her to take topless photos of me.

I see her this Tuesday, she completely ignores me. So like whatever.

Then I see her at the gym again on Wednesday evening. She is staring at me while she works out.

After her workout, I would notice she would stare and smile at me and my friend working out. She sats in a place talking to her friend. I honestly have never seen her sit there ever which was bizarre. She was generally facing my direction.

Just thoughts on this?


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  • She's playing you. Teasing you for you to still have interest in her going cold to make you chase her and when you act cold back to her she goes soft and gives you the looks and smiles, almost sure she wants sex.

    • So what do I do?

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    • play back like how? friendly & cold bull crap?

What Guys Said 1

  • Call her out on bullshit because you're a man and you don't time for these games. Before that tho decide whether or not this on and off attention you are getting is something you are enjoying even if it is slight. If you are then play games back but don't CATCH feelings again. If not then proceed to call her bullshit out


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