Please, gagers help me what to do or not?

I met a girl in a shop she works there. I really like her a lot we exchange our number also we talk daily, But she already married also she files for divorce. I m in love with her also want to marry. But I don't know my parents accept her or not Because I am Indian so it happens that no parents allow. what should I do...
I need more sujestion for my question..


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  • It's not upto your parents on who you be with, it's your decision.

    I'd say first get to know her better and then if you feel like you wanna marry her then go ahead. Marriage is a huge step, remember that.

    You shouldn't care what your parents think about this, it's honestly non of there business.


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  • First of all DO NOT MARRY HER right away get to know her better in relationship setting. Second after you get to know her well and want her to meet your parents do it when things get serious like 6 months and above serious. Worry about the bridge when yoy cross it as they say. For now just see if you like her


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