My 'friend' trying to get with my ex?

Well, recently single: I lost my best friend now exboyfriend. Nice. I called it quits two months ago for something he did and honestly, there is no way we could recover for it, at least not now.
Anyway, I had been getting along with this new girl I met because she was going through something very similar to what I was going through and well, there was empathy. My ex noticed this, he started to 'befriend' her and she started talking to him and now they are like the super best friends. She now runs to him whenever she sees him and even answers for him.
I find this annoying because C'MON. Whatever he's trying to do he's old enough to be playing such stupids games and this girl I don't know what she's trying to accomplish, she keeps trying to be my friend, to hang out, keeps sending me messages but whenever my ex tries to talk to me her face drops. And I hate feeling like this because I'm not a hypocrite but I'm not going to be telling people who are they allowed to talk to according to me. And no, I'm not going to be part of anyone's games, so exboyfriend, be my guest. And who knows? maybe they are meant to be, humm...
I miss him dearly and this whole situation sux. I hate having a broken heart :(


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  • You'd be better off just avoiding both of them. If she keeps hanging around your ex then she is just keeping him in your life at a time when he needs to be out of your life. You can't tell them what to do but you can decide what YOU want to do.

    • I decided to leave them alone, without drama or confrontation. If that is his choice, I'll respect it.

  • Yes, broken hearts really blow dead bears and it is made worse by having a mindless acquaintance (definitely not a "friend") who is causing such drama with your ex.

    You should go no contact with both of them.

    Six months ago, I broke up with a woman who I dated for two years. I really thought that she was The One. Now, I have started dating and I have gone out with two women who are both very nice, sweet, intelligent, and attractive. Unless one of them makes the decision for me, in the next month I will probably decide which is the most promising partner and start dating that one exclusively. Six months ago, I would not have guessed that I would be in this position.

    The point is that you just need to let a little bit of time pass and your life will resume. Really!

  • They both sound like fuckin retards


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