Do you guys think my ex wants me back? I am getting some good signs?

long story short... we dated a a year and a half ago. I didn't see her, or a barely talk to her for like 9 months until my friend had a party that we were both at. Ever since then she started texting me and snap chatting me. We had a wedding about a month ago , and she asked me to drive there with her. At the end of the wedding she was all over me , and we even made out. Ever since then though, she hasn't brought anything up about getting back together. Should i play it out , or make a move?


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  • Honestly... I'd let her stay an ex. She's an ex for a reason. You had a good make out session, which could have been anyone else she decided to go with. You're an easy target to get what she wants. I think she just wants to play without the commitment. I'd be cautious with her or you might be burned.

    • Ya i am definitely afraid to get burned. Say if you dumped a guy , and you wanted him back. You would most likely tell him right?

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    • Hmmm... ok Thanks for commenting!

    • You're welcome. Good luck.

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  • You should talk to her about it. It might turn out bad but it might aswell turn out good. Conversation is key. I think she MIGHT want to try it again but still i am just some internet stranger.

    • Ya i want to talk to her about it , but I already chased her after she left me and got burned. I'm scared that will happen again.

    • Well you could start slow if you get back together. take tiny steps with it and do NOT jump right in where you were... for example don't move together immidiatelly... do it like if you met her the first time. take your time to learn to know her again and the new things about her (people change and all that)

    • Ya we'll see what happens. Thanks for your opinion!

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