My boyfriend has thought about breaking up with me?

Is it normal for people in relationships to think about breaking up? Are you in a relationship and have you ever thought about breaking up at any point? Learning about this has made me kind of cautious but it is making me not enjoy my time with him. What should I do?


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  • It is perfectly normal. I'll go as far as to say that I've had it in every single relationship, even those that weren't ended by me. Im more curious how did you learn of this? If it was your partner who told you this, they're emotionally abusing/manipulating you. I'd proceed with caution. On purpose or not, they most likely don't want you to feel safe for their own good.

    I understand how it can take out the joy from the relationship for you , right now, but you need to ignore it and don't surrender to the manipulation/abuse. The harsh truth is if theyre gonna break up, nothing you do is gonna stop it. Ever. It'd just make things worse for you and give too much power to your partner in the relationship, therefore ruining the power balance, for the lack of a better explanation, and that;s gonna ruin everything and it;ll all be downhill from there.

    You're worth more than this and don't deserve and shouldn't feel like that.


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  • I think we all have those thoughts but doesn't mean we do it. We might consider it but decide to not do it.

  • i think it's normal to have that thought for like once or twice, but more in a "what if?" way than in a serious way.

  • Sure it is


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