Why can't I find find love?

This year my life has compeltletly turnd around , im working again i can talk to people im makeing friends i can't talk good with the girls. For the last 3 years i suffered deppression and this girl helped me recover from it we were only friends but i thought we were something but it doesn't seem as if so she lived in mexico and currently im in the us working now and i didn't want anyone else but her i could not fall in love again and i want to because she doent like me and every now and then i flert with girls for the attention but i dont care about or want anything of them but then i meet this girl over here her face looks so much like the other girl and i dream that night of the girl from mexico but the girl i like that looks just like her but she dont like me ethir whats wrong why can't i forget her


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  • She helped you out of a a bad situation. It's natural to fall for her. It's like soldiers and nurses.

    But she doesn't feel it.

    Move on bro, you'll find someone :)

  • Nah girls today don't have love.


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