I dont know what to do and keep thinking of him?

How to get over or move on with someone who is really nice, sweet, responsible guy but he doesn't love you at all? We have chemistry but he doesn't feel the same way like me. We had sex a couple of times.


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  • This happened to me recently too. It's a weird situation, because it feels like you don't particularly have the right to be upset -- it wasn't an actual relationship, he didn't feel the same way, etc.

    But, you can't control being hurt, another thing I found out too.

    In the end, it was just time and friends and distractions. He feels like this loud, beeping alarm in your brain, like when a smoke detector runs out of batteries, but with time that sounds fades -- you can hear it sometimes, and things may bring your attention to it, but eventually, you'll get so used to it that you won't even notice the difference when someone replaces the batteries.

  • Damn girl... There really is nothing to do except work on allowing time to do its healing. One must accept the reality and move on.


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