Men - when they are grieving a loss?

So my ex and I haven't really spoken in about four months. We broke up almost a year ago after dating for three years(he dumped me). We tried to be friends but it just got complicated.

Now I found out from a mutual friend that is friends his is sister that his aunt died(she was sick when we were together). Because we haven't talked I knew she was still sick, I just didn't know how bad it really was. His sister posted on her facebook that she will miss auntie. I did what I thought was the right thing by reaching out and sending my condolences to him for his loss. He wondered who told me. When I told him it's a small world, he started with the attitude and accused me of playing mind games and that he didn't have time for this.

So to the guys that have had to go through a grieving process, is it hard for you to control your emotions during this time? Would this be a normal reaction from a man? Just wondering why he couldn't just leave it with "thank you?"


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  • I've never had out of control emotions during a grieving period.

    But some people (girls and guys) do this. He probably has a lot on his mind and is reactionary to everything.

    I wouldn't get stressed about it, but as far as future communication is concerned, don't contact him anymore.

    Leave it to him to contact you.

    • Thank you for your answer. I kinda feel like it was a mistake to reach out to him but I did what I thought was the right thing to do. I think I just got a reminder of why I don't contact him.

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