What she's tryna prove?

I was with her for 7 years we have child in common.. I’m 39 she’s 28... we split about a 5 months ago I seen her and she was full of compliments, asked me to help with carvin pumpkins with kids, while takin pics... so a week later we have sex and we went down memory lane, she goes to sleep on my chest.. two days later she says , she’s talking to some guy and is gonna continue to, so I’m hurt cause I thought we were headed in another direction... now she dosnt answer my calls, I drop things for child house at her moms, and she said I can’t see my daughter cuz I’m gonna be questioning her... my daughters 4 and we have a STRONG bond, she told me she loves me but she don’t wanna say it... what’s her problem?


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  • She Is using you


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