I can’t get hover him, what can I do?

Six months ago I told him it was over. He initially didn't want to but than agreed maybe it was for the better. I was genuinely in love with him but he was neglecting me and even if we talked about it many times it didn’t seem to change. It was incredibly hard for me to end things with him and I was a wretch for a long time. We haven’t been talking for months, I started dating someone else, but I still think of him the whole time, I dream of him often, I still hope he’ll come look for me and tell me he wants us to get back together,... I want to get over him for good, what can I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You mean "over" not "hovering", I guess.
    You love deeply, it seems. Time heals all, they say for a reason. You don't forget, it's just that you can deal with the memories.
    Current guy is the rebounds guy. It may or may not last.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't see why you broke up cause maybe that's how he is, not actually neglecting you but being a guy. BUT if he was neglecting you truly, you got to lose the guy you with, rebounds hurt both parties. Stay alone until you're over them. Go out with your friends, keep yourself busy. Fall asleep reading a book or on your phone, not by contemplating about life and him. Don't try to forget him, just reminds you of him. When he pops up in your head, remind yourself he ain't shit and you deserve better, cause you do. Try to hate him but if you fail, don't try to hard it can backfire. Don't buy no cats or icecream 😊


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