Ex girlfriend behaving hot and cold?

Ex girlfriend broke up with me a while back. I immediately went into NC. Sadly, I do see her at the gym quite a bit.

Last week, she started to tease me and even have light conversation with me. Then she told me she heard about competition I was participating in. I told her not to come because I jokingly said “I don’t want you taking topless photos of me.” She replies saying “one day you’ll grow up” laughing as she walks away.

this week I saw her and she was like 2 feet away from me completely ignoring me.

the following day, I see her again and she keeps staring at me. After her workout, I see her chilling facing my general direction.

next time I see her, she kinda talks indirectly to me. Her best friend, which is a guy, starts being playful with me.

thoughts and opinions?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Sadly she probably just wants attention from you. Sorta like validation that she still got it. Based on the above I wouldn't look too much into it. Change your gym if you can.


What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like she's trying to mess with your head.


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