Girls, How can I get my ex back if I have let her down?

I dumped her and im extremely regretful of it. I know that she has moved on and im aware of it, but im sure that there is a way to take her back and show her how im truly commited to her.


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  • How long were you together?
    Why did you dump her?
    How do you know she has has moved on?
    Any contact or has she blocked you from contacting her?

    • 1. Weve been together for 3 years until last summer.
      2. I had a very rough patch in my life out of the relationship and I took some bad desicions. So I told her to not contact me.
      3. She told me so, and she tells me to meet a better person.
      4. I've talked to her by message but she goes cold on me m, but the only thing that has my hopes up is that she is kinda expecting something from me.

      A very important note is that she left to study medicine which is the main reason for her acting like this.

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