Why would he break up with me because he loves me?

We were both deeply in love with each other. We had something serious going and we were planning to move in together once we graduated but then he broke up with me because he has never been this close to someone before and got scared. He used to tell me every day that he was going to marry me even up to the day he broke up with me. It all ended so quick. He told me he doesn't think he is capable of being with anyone. I've never been so deeply in love with someone before. Has anyone ever experienced this before? And would I be wasting my time fighting for him?


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  • So he's a pussy basically lol

    • Not a pussy. He has had to deal with everything from losing his mom to overdose to being in recovery to taking care of his dad. So I don't find that very funny..

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  • He
    1. doesn't love you and
    2. He is not ready to be commited
    Don't trust when he says he loves you and that's why he is breaking up with you it's all bullshit... he doesn't want to make you feel bad but he is making the situation worser by hiding the reality; he is definitely not a real man!
    I have been there before this is the truth

    • Normally I would agree. I have been with guys before that said they loved me and I never believed it. But this one was different. The way he looked at me and cared for me was different then anyone else and we always put each other first. So normally I would agree but in this case I really genuinely believe he did love me. He has been texting me all week to see how I am holding up.

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