My ex-boyfriend and his best friend moved into the same apartment complex as my boyfriend and I. How do I manage this?

During college, my ex-boyfriend and I were together for three years. We broke up because I found out he had cheated on me four months into our relationship and he used to drink too much. Today, my friend and I were returning from the liquor store with OJ & champagne and we saw his best friend; his friend introduced my ex to me and we have always been friends. We drank mimosas and caught up with his friend and he said that he was living with my ex - three doors down from my apartment. The inevitable is that my current boyfriend and I will frequently run into my ex-boyfriend. I haven't seen or spoken to my ex-boyfriend in three years. My current boyfriend is not the possessive type but he will get jealous in some situations. Today, my boyfriend went skiing but I will tell him when he gets home. He previously had issues with my ex because he would continue to contact me after we got together and say that he missed me/loved me and doesn't want to be with anyone else. How would you feel if your girlfriends ex moved in down the hall from you?


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