Is she using me?

Me and my girlfriend of 7 years recently broke up about 5 months ago. We have a child in common, one day she brung my child to see me and was full of compliments , telling how my new girlfriend was lucky, so about a week later she invited me over to carve pumpkins with the kids, I noticed her taking pics, but I didn’t say anything. So about a week later I brung my daughters costume over and we had sex, and had a good conversation going down memory lane.. I’m thinking we’re headed in a good direction. Two days later she tells me she’s been talking to a guy for three weeks and is going to continue , and she’s sorry we did what we did. Now she won’t answer my calls and she put both there pic on her fb page... so I blocked her... yesterday I noticed she took it down. But I still haven’t reached out to her about anything... What’s going on and should I continue to not talk to her? She knows I love her and want her back.. she said I do love you but I don’t want to say it... what’s her problem? I’m 39 she’s 28...


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