Is it worth fighting for anymore or should I move on?

I've been in a relationship with my Ex for a year and we've been really close since the beginning after couple months in I found out he cheated on me which I forgiven him for then we went out to a club and he was drunk and approached another girl I needed time to myself then we got back. I work all the time I hardly have a social life last night I planned to go out last minute and when he found out he told me if I go out the relationship is over bare in mind he goes out all the time and that same night he was going out aswel so I thought he wasn't being serious so I went ahead and went out I got back and he told me it's over for real and he doesn't love me anymore. He packed my stuff and told me to leave. I then thought if I stay the night then we could work it out the next day. I ended up leaving and then texted him a long message and got no response


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah of course you should move on screw this douchebag. Why on earth would you put up with him acting like that? Stay away from this guy.

  • dump his ass and don't look back.


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  • This sounds like a downward spiral from the beginning. You must just stop trying with him and just leave him. I know it will be incredibly hard but the fact that he cheated on you is enough alone for you to have left him. Please don’t run after him he clearly doesn’t care about you. The relationship is toxic, he has just been using you.


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