Have any chance with her?

So it's this girl I like. We live in different states. Met her at a wedding. She wanted to talk to me. I got the number and the last day, I gave her a kiss on the lips 3 times. For 2 months, she would call or text everyday 1st. Even called me at 4am.

So I went back there for a job interview and also see her. She called me everyday when I was there. Went out with her and all. Only thing I did wrong was I didn't show her attention and wasn't aggressive. She told me that she was only interested in me as a friend and nothing more. I told her no I'm interested in that. If she want to try this again then give me a call.

So she snapped that she lost her numbers. I message my number. She said, "why would I want your number?" She is mad that I didn't want to be her friend only. I would be lying to myself if I agreed to that. We went back and forth. Until she unfollowed me off all social media.

I got someone else I'm talking to at the moment, but only thing I'm thinking about is her. Any hope she'll change her mind?


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  • you have no chance


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