How do you move on from a break up years ago?

So when i was 14 a girl flipped my world upside down multiple times. Brief description: i now suffer from alexthimia. I had an Abusive neglecting father who made me feel nothing and to fake my outer self to fit those around me. An outsider to even myself. This girl showed up and broke me. Caught me at every lie and falsehood. I began to feel and she became my girlfriend. My first love and kiss. Well. She wanted a guy from her dreams and i wanted more. So we broke up and over the years we talk on and off. But i can't move on. I can feel her. Like a shadow. I will smell her without her being near and it hits me hard. A ton of spooky shit too. Its been a long time but i feel like i just saw her yesterday. How do i let it go? Whats wrong with me?


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  • Time... Its hard to let go of your first love let alone the person who helped you through all the shit


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