How to get my ex to come back?

Hi guys, I really need your help. My boyfriend and I were together for 14 years, we have two kids together and we broke up because I bad talk him with his sister and his ex. I use to text him every day and he never text me back. He don't even answer my calls. I even went to the extreme and bought him a gift and flowers and he didn't even send a thank you text. I stop text now but are there any tips I should know about. I really want to get him back and I don't know what to do. Please tell me what I should do to get him back?


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  • First off you should think to yourself about this problem.You love him but asking for a text is saying too much.Even if you did give him a gift and flowers.The fact might be that you need to give him some space or an other way of talking to him.

    To get him back your need to say sorry and tell him why you were anger with him in the first place.If that doesn't work say "We can't let the kids have a crappy life.We need an father like you no one else will do or replace you"

    That should get him back to you and solve your problems between you two.

    love,Miller =3

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    • I did tell him I'm sorry many many times through text and voice messages. When I call he don't answer. I use to apologize every single day and it's been a month now so I finally stop. I don't know what to do anymore. I just want to know what to do to get him back.

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