Does that mean your ex is thinking about you also?

I have been broken up with my ex for 2 weeks now and do not want him back but cannot stop thinking about him. I try not to and just it keeps happening. Thinking g of old memories and everything. If he's on my mind so much does that mean he's always thinking about me quite a bit?
He broke up with me


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  • I don't think how that works my dear, I'm sorry. I hope you get better. Distract yourself and go out with your friends more. Watch Netflix, play games or start a hobby. Anything that will help pass this hard time. All the best!

    • Thank you I am trying but it makes it harder because we work together so I'm constantly reminded by him because people keep saying his name and stuff 😕

    • Yeah I feel you. To me, I did a pure cut off. I unfriended all mutual friends, block off all social media of my ex and avoid potential place we might bump into each other. It's a bit extreme cause you will lose a good chunk of friends but it worked tbh. All the best!

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  • No it doesn't mean that. Depends what else there is for him to be focused on.

    You just need to try and focus on other things and train yourself as best you can not to reminisce.

    • He doesn't have much to be focused on he works and plays video games that's it so thinking of all that down time you'd think he'd think of me lol I mean that's but I think but thanks

  • If he's on your mind it means you're thinking of him a lot. Brains don't connect telepathically.

    • I don't just like try to think of him tho I just do randomly like had a dream about him also 😕

  • It'll take some time. You'll need a distraction to have different thoughts.

  • If he's on your mind that means you are only thinking about him!!!

    • I really try not to I think maybe because I had more feelings for him then he did me?

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    • Honestly I did love him and you're right I think I still do but he doesn't feel the same like I'll be doing other things and thinking of other things then I'll catch myself thinking of him 😕 I know I'm gunna have a harder time then he is (having a harder time )

    • Divert your attention!!! Probably date a new guy!!! You will start forgetting your ex!!!

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