About broke up?

I love one girl who was 3 years older than me. I am 22 years and she is 25 years old. We met one years ago. And almost we lived one year together. We loved each other so much. I am Muslim and she was atheist (in Christian). And after half years she wanted broke up because she told me she wants freedom life but we can live together too.. but after some day she said I don't wanna broke up with u because I love u so much and I was afraid of your mam because we live almost one year u didn't say her about me.. and I explain her when I back my country I will talk with my mam.. she was agree.. and she wanted accept muslim religion.. but on September I must go to Spain for study for 4 months.. she cried one month don't go I don't wanna alone her and something like that. But really i didn't know it will happen. If knew I never came here. But really what she wants I did for her just I was so jealous and control her. And she told me I wanna be alone and I don't wanna baby u must get merried who give u baby. I think we can't be together and we must broke up.. but I didn't and one day my neighbor invited his birthday and she told all guys I broke up with my boyfriend but I didn't know it and she began to cheating with all friends who knows me ( as messages).. we lived in student apartment. And she talked with one guy about sex and he told me she is ready for sleeping.. but I don't know why she is doing like that. I know she was so good and kind and always caring about me. I told her I talked with my mom and she accepted u but she told me that doesn't matter anymore because I was so jealous that's why she doesn't want to me anymore.. and I wrote her all friends ask about her. Really I thought it is normal because I am from Muslim country she is from Latvia. But really I don't wanna lose her. What will I do? I wrote her a lot of times about love letter or changing my self but she doesn't want accept anymore. And I know when she was so angry she do everything what she wants.


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