I'm confused please hwlo explain?

ok so my ex and i were messaaging and he said that his one guy friend was goodlooking and he tols me to look him up which i did and then i tokd him he was cute. ans my ex goes yea you won't ever be ablw ti datw him i sais well that's rude and he sais it's then truth so then i said why he kwot saying dont ask. he wouldn't tell me why the more i asked the more he sais i don't need to know every damn thing i just wanted an answer since he brought it up. i just don't get what the big deal is mt ex moved away when we broke up a while back he lives ina different state. ans he even clearly pointed out that i was never gonna meet his friend anyways. so why does it matter he said his freind is rude so if his friend called me ugly or fat or whatever just tell me because as he said im never gonna meet him anyways. I'm nore confused because if he was trging to protect my feelinfs why bring it up in the first olace. like oh you would nevwr be able to date him..


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  • Tell him the attention he so eagerly seeks is up his arse and to the left


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