Miss my ex? Can you relate?

I was in a 3 year old relationship with my now ex boyfriend, things became rough, he was too controlling so we had to break up. It has been 9 months now. I was absolutely okay no break downs. But now that i have my Examinations going on, i miss him, i miss talking to him, nobody consoled me the way he do, i miss ringing him up and telling him how messy my exam was and how he calmed me down. No matter how controlling he was, he always calmed me down. I am dating a guy but we are not as close i do share things with him but its not the same. I cry at times. But then i think maybe its my first time taking exams without his support that i was used to, hence the sad breaks. Otherwise i am absolutely okay, don't think about him like that. May be i need someone but unfortunately nobody understands me like he did. I broke up for good, cz my life had become traumatizing so i had to end it up with him. Just wanted to share it with y'll.
Thank you for reading.


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  • You miss him now but after a month or so he would want you back.


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