Ladies.. if you dumped a guy , and you ended up wanting him back , would you just straight up tell him how you feel?

My ex dumped me over a year ago. We barely talked for like 8 months until i seen her at a party. Ever since then she has been contacting me a lot more, and we even made out at a wedding a month ago. I do want her back, but I don't want to get my hopes up. Should i just be patient , and see what happens? I don't want to get burned again.


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  • no. i have a lot of pride. if i ended it with someone... then i would never go back to that person, even if i wanted them.

    if i were you, i guess i'd be patient and wait... but... I don't know man. she dumped you. why go back to someone who would ever let you go?

    • I totally get it. It's just that her being all over me at the wedding , and her late night texts sometimes throws me off. I'm just confused & would at least like to know her intentions. Thanks for commenting!

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    • so if i were you... i wouldn't be so available to her. i'd ask her what she wants directly. if it's not what you want too, don't respond to her anymore.

    • Agreed

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